Get involved

We are constantly trying to fundraise and hold events to help raise awareness and money to cover the costs of research into Vanishing White Matter. Our adventure began with coffee mornings, summer fete's and sponsored sky dives, but who knows what we have planned for the future! Keep watching for announcements and try and come along when you can!

However large or small, every donation that we recieve goes to help children suffering with Vanishing White Matter and finding a cure for this life changing illness.


Give a donation

We constantly need volunteers to help us with events, donations and fundraisers. If you think that you could spare a few minutes to help us out with any of our upcoming events or have any ideas please get in contact!

Corporate Support

Due to the rarity of this disease, press coverage and awareness remains sadly low and we need YOU to help us get the word out about Vanishing White Matter! Tell your family, tell your friends, spread the word in your local community, because the more who know the more can help! We are more than happy to supply flyers information and all the support we can so contact us if you feel you could help us get our message out there!!


If you or someone you know has a business or knows someone who does, could you be the ones to help us?

We are constantly looking for the support of local and international businesses in our fight against Vanishing White Matter! Please contact us to find out more!

Raise Awareness